This work is under the oversight of the eldership at the Owatonna Church of Christ

Our Mission
1) Make disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to follow all of Jesus' commands (Mt. 28:18-20)
2) Build up the church for the work of service, (Ephesians 4:11-13).
3) Be servants of Jesus Christ, (
Our Vision for Owatonna Vocational MinistryTo facilitate the relocation of spiritually minded individuals, especially young people, to areas where the church is small or weak, so that they can ultimately achieve financial independence while making clear and direct efforts to help the local church.
Our PleaIn the last 25 years, 874 churches of Christ have shut their doors and closed down. 147 of those have closed in just the last 3 years. There is such a concentration of Biblical churchgoers within the Bible belt, that one can hardly even sense the problem there. Why shouldn’t believers spread out and take the gospel with them into all corners of our country?
The addition of even just one or two faithful, energetic individuals or families can bring great encouragement, vitality, and evangelistic fervor to aging congregations that desperately need help. Let us look not only to our own needs but also to the needs of others.
Would you or someone you know be interested in joining and serving a small congregation in the North Midwest? If you are thinking missions in the states, Minnesota is the place to go. 
Why Start this Ministry in Owatonna, MN? Owatonna is a small town, but not too small, with new housing and many job opportunies. There are numerous employment opportunities for healthcare professionals in particular as part of the Mayo Clinic system based in Minnesota.
The Owatonna church of Christ is a relatively new congregation being started in 1990. We have a diverse group of Christians with young families and small children who keep the energy level high. We have Elders and Deacons. With all of the good that can be said about the church in Owatonna, still we need more energetic, mission-minded young people to move to our town to join the work. 
Message from FHU alumnus who moved to Mankato, MN: “Graduation from high school or college is an exciting time. For me, moving from Tennessee to Minnesota has been a wonderful adventure. I can go snowboarding 5 minutes from my house! And more importantly, I can serve the church where it is small and weak.
I know many graduating college students and other young adults and are looking for the same kind of adventure. We want to use our professional training, and we want to do something fulfilling and exciting in the process. Consider letting our congregation help you achieve those goals by relocating to the beautiful North Midwest.”
– Alan Cantrell, class of Spring 2015
Consider a Move to Owatonna, MN:
Owatonna is a great town to work and raise a family. Located in south central Minnesota, it has the small town feel, with lots of amenities for young and old, and if you need more, it's easy to drive to one of the larger cities for shopping and getting away.

Contact us and let us know your interest. We might be able to help you make the next step into this vacational missions effort.

This program is under the oversight of the Elders at the Owatonna church of Christ.